Rising Star Bishop Resigns Over Relationship with Satanic Erotic Novelist

A Spanish bishop in the north-eastern region of Catalonia has resigned amid a reported relationship with an erotic novelist.

The bishop, Xavier Novell, 52 had been the country´s youngest when appointed to the post in Salona in 2010.

A spokesperson for the  Roman Catholic church said the Vatican had accepted his resignation and said it was due to personal reasons.

Spanish media reported that Novell had fallen in love with erotic novelist, psychologist and divorcee Silvia Caballol.

Caballol’s books promise sadism, God and Satan, lust, madness and a struggle between good and evil.
He has apparently met with Vatical officials several times and even met the Pope.

In a further twist it has been reported that Novell has been a supporter of the controversial conversion therapy for gay people, has traditional views on abortion and has also carried out exorcisms.

Novell and Caballol not responded publicly the media outlet, Religion Digital quoted him as saying “I have fallen in love and want to do things properly”.

The diocese has responded by emphasising that “corroboration or not of this story is a strictly personal matter for him alone”.