Apparent Malasaña Homophobic Attack ” Consensual”

A 20 year old  man who had reported to police that he had been attacked by a knife wielding gang outside his home in the Malasaña district of Madrid in the early hours of Sunday 5th September has confessed that the injuries sustained were ‘consensual.’

The apparent victim had reported that the “eight hooded” attackers had engraved the the word maricón (faggot) on his buttocks.

A police spokesman had said that the ” 20-year-old victim was entering his home at around 5.15pm on Sunday, when eight people – with their faces covered – managed to force their way into his hallway,’ where ” they insulted him, threatened him with a knife, and cut him on the lower lip and on the buttock.”

However the police were unable to verify the victms version of events and soon found gaps in the story – nor were they able to find any eye-witnesses or CCTV camera images with any sign of the group of supposed attackers.

The man now says that the injuries to his buttocks were consensual with two as yet unidentified men.

The reported attack had generated enormous coverage and condemnation from gay rights groups and politicians.

The police investigation continues however the man could be charged with false reporting of a crime which carries a penalty of between 6 months and 2 years in prison.