British Teen Tries To Flee Tenerife After PCR Positive Test

An underaged Briton has been intercepted at the airport in Tenerife after he tested positive for COVID-19, climbed out of the test centre’s window and attempted to board a flight back to the UK because he did not want to quarantine in his hotel room.

The minor, whose age and name was not stated, was on holiday with his dad and grandad when he fled but was caught by border police at the Tenerife South–Reina Sofia Airport trying to catch a flight out of the country last Tuesday (24th August).

Illustrative photo of Tenerife. (Newsflash)

Local news site La Provincia reports that the minor had been on holiday on the popular Spanish resort island when he visited a test centre for a COVID-19 antigen test.

Upon realising that this test was positive, the young Brit decided he had no interest in dealing with quarantine measures so he climbed out of the test centre window without alerting his family, were was waiting in the test centre for their results.

Local authorities were informed of the situation and they ordered the border gates to be temporary shut at the airport whilst they looked for the young man.

Local police worked with the Reina Sofia airport border forces to locate the minor who they believed would try and board a flight to the UK the same day.

The minor was caught red-handed by the authorities with a ticket to the UK in his possession.

The police ordered the Brit to head directly back to his hotel room where he is expected to quarantine for 10 days before he will be allowed to travel back to the UK.

It not revealed if his father and grandfather were positive or not for the coronavirus.