Desperate Search For Kidnapped German Kids Taken To Tenerife By Threatening Dad

Two German children have allegedly been kidnapped by their Albanian born father who threatened to kill them before taking the pair to the Spanish island of Tenerife.

The desperate race against time is being carried out together with the help of their worried mother who is assisting the authorities to track them down and prevent a similar outcome to the Tomas Gimeno case earlier this year.

Kristian, 11, and Amantia, 10, were reportedly kidnapped by their father, a German man of Albanian origin, and flown to Tenerife from the German city of Hamburg.

The Court of Instruction Number 2 in the island capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the same court that recently investigated the case of Tomas Gimeno who kidnapped his two children and allegedly killed them off the coast of Tenerife before committing suicide, issued a search and arrest order for the German man last week.

Kristian Toska , 11, pictured, and Amantia Toska , 10, were abducted by their father in Hamburg, Germany, in January, 2020, latest information places the children in Tenerife, Spain. (Newsflash)

Meanwhile, the NGO ‘SOS Desaparecidos’ (‘SOS Missing’) said the children were recently seen in the south of Tenerife, popular with British and German tourists.

The National Police confirmed that a full investigation for the missing children was underway, with the main focus on South Tenerife where it is believed the German dad has settled.

However, the local authorities have also not ruled out the possibility that the man has since fled the island with his children and could be staying elsewhere.

The mother, a German citizen originally from Albania, obtained custody of the children following the couple’s divorce.

Her ex-husband allegedly kidnapped the children after a weekend visit in January this year.

SOS Desaparecidos said in a statement: “At the end of January, little Amantia managed to talk to a friend of her mother’s. She told her they were on an island where everyone spoke Spanish. It was the first clue that led the investigation (in Tenerife).

“During the month of June, the father contacted the mother when he saw that she was busy looking for them and was posting images of their faces. That’s when the threats began.

“He told her that if she goes to the police, he will kill her, her family and the children. That she will not see them again.

“In one of those conversations, the father admitted to his ex-wife that they are indeed in Tenerife. Right now an arrest warrant has been issued against the man.”

The mother travelled to Tenerife from Germany on 30th July to assist the authorities and put up posters around the south of Tenerife of her two missing children.

The investigation is ongoing.

In April this year, Tomas Gimeno kidnapped his two children Olivia, 6, and Anna, 1, and allegedly killed them before committing suicide at sea. Olivia’s body was found off the coast of Tenerife on 10th June while Anna and Gimeno’s remains have not been discovered.