Car Rams Runaway Bull After It Escapes From Bullring

This is the shocking moment a motorist intentionally rams into a bull after it escaped from a bullring in a Castilian town during the fiestas at night.

Two men aged 73 and 64 were injured by the bull during its escape from the bullring in Brihuega in the province of Guadalajara located in the central Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha.

Both injured OAPs were transferred to the Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara for medical treatment.

The incident took place at around 0.30 am on Sunday during the final of the ‘recortador’ which roughly translates as ‘cutter’ or ‘trimmer’, a normally non-lethal form of bullfighting that requires acrobatic flips and jumps to evade the charging bull.

According to the news site Telecinco, the bull charged the main gate and managed to knock it down, escaping onto the streets and attacking several passersby.

The bull fled along Cadena Street before ending its escape on Atienza Street where it was reportedly killed by locals.

One eyewitness, who was at the bullring with her young son, described the moments after the bull escaped: “We did not know where it was and people began climbing the stands to get to higher ground.

“We found out the animal had escaped and was running through town along several streets until it was eventually killed.”

In the footage, a motorist is seen intentionally ramming the bull with a car as a group of locals follow behind.

The Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (Pacma) political party shared the footage with the message: “Terrible images. They brutally kill the bull that fled a ‘recortador’ contest in Brihuega (Guadalajara).

“We are already working on a complaint and we will fight so those people who committed this outrage pay for it.

“Bullfighting is this. A scared, desperate animal fleeing from those who frighten it, beat it and hurt it, and then it is rammed in a town street by a car that accelerated to kill it.

“What kind of society is this? What goes through the minds of these people? What is the government doing to ban this once and for all?”

It is unclear what happened to the bull’s corpse after being killed in the town.

The local authorities have yet to confirm whether they are investigating the incident.