Escaped Robot Vacuum Cleaner Has Netizens In Stitches

Netizens have been in stitches after a photo of a note fixed to a letterbox from a small-town resident asking for help after her robot vacuum cleaner ran away went viral.

A photo of the printed A4 note was posted by the Twitter profile ‘Lios de Vecinos’ (‘Neighbour Trouble’) on 24th July and has since racked up 11,400 ‘likes’.

A notice looking for a robot vacuum appeared in Trebujena, Cadiz, in July 2021. (@antonioselva/Newsflash)

The note reads: “I’m asking for help. Yesterday, my robot vacuum cleaner left my house and we can’t find it. Please, I had to sacrifice a lot to buy it. And it’s not the good one, it’s the Lidl-brand one.

“Please, if anyone finds it, leave it at Milagros’ store, Mariquita ‘Trasquila’ [Maria ‘The Shorn’], (as I don’t have a phone) or further up at Antonio ‘el Pato’ [Antonio ‘The Duck’]’s house. You’ll get a little reward. Thanks.”

The photo was taken in the municipality of Trebujena, population 7,016, in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz.

In small towns in southern Spain, it is common for residents to leave their door open to ventilate their homes during the scorching summer months.

Twitter user ‘Cifuentech’ commented on the post: “I wonder what state her house was in if even the robot fled to avoid cleaning up.”

Netizen ‘Zhu Que’ commented “She doesn’t have a telephone, but she has a cleaning robot”, which he followed up with a thinking-face emoji.

Twitter user ‘Sebastian’ commented: “They shouldn’t give machines intelligence without giving it to people first.”

And netizen ‘Limomes’ commented: “God, I love everything about this poster. The plot, the personal story of sacrifice that can be intuited, the main character’s hopes, the secondary characters (but who gives those stores those names, please? Prize-worthy.)”

Lidl in the UK started selling its first cleaning robot at the beginning of last year for well under GBP 100.

The Vileda VR One Cleaning Robot has two cleaning programs and is capable of removing dust and hair from hard floors and short-pile carpets.

It was not revealed if the one that went on the run in Spain is the same model as the one that went on sale in the stores in the UK.