Sunbathers Tackle Escaping Narcos On Beach

Sunbathers on the Granada coast apprehended two escaping  drug runners on Saturday 14th August, after their boat was forced to beach by a pursuing Civil Guard patrol vessel.

Footage has emerged on social media showing the shocking moment the narco boat beached among startled beachgoers at Melicena, in the Andalucian province of Granada.

The footage shows the Civil Guard vessel chasing the narco boat, which headed at full speed directly onto the beach, where the two occupants jumped out in an attempt to flee on foot.

However several bathers on the beach acted on their own initiative and chased after the two men, before more bathers joined them, including an off-duty police officer.

Eventually the suspect was brought down by the crowd and held until Civil Guard officers arrived.

The second suspect as also captured with the arrival of the Civil Guard officers and both men were arrested on charges of drug smuggling.

The Civil Guard later released a statement thanking members of the public and revealing that the authorities had siezed 25 bales of hashish, weighing more than 700kg from the confiscated boat.