Scientists Baffled As More Killer Whale Attacks Reported

The spate of killer whale attacks reported off the Spanish coast this year has left research scientists baffled.

Just off the coast of Cadiz, there have been 56 attacks reported since March, with many more reported over the last year, around the coastline of Spain.

Many vessels have reports of being rammed by the orcas, causing damage to steering and outboard engines.

The Andalucian authorities have issued a restriction notice for sailing vessels of less than 15 metres in length in the stretch of water between Cape Trafalgar and Barbate.
Ezequiel Andreu of the Atlantic Orca Working Group,said that: “why they do it is still not really known, even with the information that is available, and, in fact, since they are animals, we may never be able to answer exactly, and, in any case, it is not about what is being done wrong, it can also be a behavioural pattern, learned and repeated over time, transmitted to the rest of the groups”.

Andreu also clarified that the “attacks” should be classified as “interactions”  as he did not believe the animals had the intention of attacking the boats or posed a threat to bathers.