Anger As Civil Guards Arrest Of Nigerian Woman Who Smashed Up Bar

The Spanish Civil Guard have been criticised for the use of force during the arrest of a Nigerian woman who reportedly assaulted random customers in a bar before smashing plates and hitting the owner.

The incident was filmed on San Cayetano Street in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia at around 2pm on 19th July, with the footage being widely shared on social media this week.

Netizens have called the force used by the Civil Guard officers as “excessive” after they were filmed knocking the Nigerian woman to the ground twice.

In the footage, one cop seemingly kicks her to the ground after she opened the door to their patrol car.

The aggressive woman is then seen trying to hit one of the cops before an officer swipes her feet from under her and sends her crashing to the ground. He then places her under arrest.

According to local media, the woman was handcuffed and taken to the Puerto Real Hospital for treatment to cuts she suffered while allegedly damaging a bar before the police arrived.

Despite netizens criticising the cops’ actions, one eyewitness at the scene described the Nigerian woman as being “out of her mind, possessed by a demon” and felt the police response was “appropriate”.

At around 2pm, the woman, who is well known in the area for causing altercations in local businesses, went into Bar Las Guitarras and started hitting random customers with a crutch, according to reports.

She then insulted the bar owner Antonio, who reportedly snatched the crutch from her.

He later said: “There have been other times when she came in being threatening or rude, and I told my customers to not pay any attention to her, that she would get bored and leave, but this day was not like that.”

He claimed she grabbed his mobile phone and smashed it while he tried to call the police before ripping his shirt and hitting him.

Antonio added: “The last thing I wanted to do was hit back, in the end, they would say it was my fault.”

He also said that the woman knocked over his 80-year-old mother in the street and tried to slap an officer on the scene.

Antonio added: “She cut herself when throwing and breaking glasses and plates. She has hepatitis C, which is why the police put gloves on before detaining her.”

The Guardia Civil has not released any further information on the arrested woman or her background.