Spain Leads Europe & Levels Up With UK In Vaccination Drive

The Spanish government´s vaccination drive, that was launched on January of this year, and which began with a slow start, is now ahead of other EU countries as well the United States.

The latest government figures show that up to Friday 23 July, Spain has received a total of 55,930,113 doses of Covid-19 vaccines (37,620,993 – Pfizer-BioNTech, 5,701,770 – Moderna, 10,189,600 – AstraZeneca and 2,417,750 from Janssen) of which 53,449,255 have now been administered.

Some 30,500,003 people have now received at least one dose of the vaccine, representing 64.3% of the total population and 25,398,978 people have now been fully vaccinated, representing 53.5% of the total population.

Just under 85% of all people in Spain over the age of 40 are fully vaccinated.

The latest breakdown by age groups are:

  • Aged 40-49: 70.2% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 50-59:  86.9% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 60-69: 85.4% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 70-79: 97.9% fully vaccinated.
  • Over 80s:  100% fully vaccinated.

The accelerating vaccine rate means that Spain is now levelling up with the UK which had started strongly and which has now a 54.1% vaccination rate, and overtaken that of the United States where 48.6% of the population are fully inoculated.

Spanish Prime Minister who had promised to reach the 50% rate by last week tweeted ” the impressive rate of vaccination at which our country is advancing,” and said previously that the country remains on course to reach the 70% herd immunity threshold by late August.