Another Mass Crossing In Melilla Stretches Thin Resources

Authorities in the Spanish North African enclave of Melilla, say over 230 Sub Saharan immigrants have scaled the border wall which separates it from Morocco.

The latest incursion over the 12-kilometer-long border wall surprised officials on both sides of the fence.

The crossing is one of the largest breaches in recent months, and saw an estimated 300 Sub-Saharan men attempting to make it over, in the early hours of Thursday 22nd July, of which 238 are reported to have succeeded.

The Spanish authorities of the Melilla, a city of 84,000 inhabitants , said the migrants were carrying hooks to climb the fence and that three Civil Guard officers were slightly injured when they tried to stop the migrants.

The 238 who made it overĀ  were taken to a migrant processing centre where they need to self-isolate as a coronavirus precaution before begin processed.

A recent mass event at the other Spanish North African enclave of Ceuta, some 400 kilometers along the coast, involved thousands of Moroccans and caused a diplomatic row between Spain and Morocco over the disputed Western Sahara.