Netizens Slam Influencer After She Admitted “She Loves To Vomit”

Netizens have slammed an influencer after she admitted she “loves to vomit” and “does it every day”.

Marina Yers, from Spain has caused criticisms for one of her confessions on Instagram stories in when she said that she “loves to vomit” because she feels “cleaner inside”, in July, 2021. (@marinayers/Newsflash)

Spanish beaty influencer, Marina Yers, 21, came under fire after appearing to endorse bulimia to her 1.5 million Instagram subscribers.

She said on a video posted to Instagram Stories: “Lately I love to vomit. I do it every day and I feel like I’m cleaning myself.”

She added that she only does it “if she gets nauseous on her own” and does not induce vomiting herself, bizarrely describing the feeling as “very cool”.

Netizens piled in to criticise the influencer, with Lucia Blanco commenting: “This is a statement in support of eating disorders.

“Not everyone is good enough to be an influencer. The best thing to do is to report the post and have her seek professional help.”

Marta Dominguez commented: “Surely what she is saying is lies, but she loves to garner controversy. Perhaps she has another type of disorder that is not an eating one.”

Eating disorders are the third most common chronic illness amongst teenagers in Spain, with over 400,000 sufferers.

According to the Barcelona-based Associacio contra l’Anorexia i la Bulimia (Association Against Anorexia and Bulimia), the number of sufferers has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is not the first time Yers, whose real name is Maryna Pukhyr Danchyshak and who moved to Malaga, Spain, from her native Ukraine when she was seven, has courted controversy.

She has previously told her followers that water “dehydrates more than it hydrates” and that Americans drink the blood of infants.

She also claimed that “they put fluoride in water and toothpaste so that we don’t discover powers that we supposedly have within us.”