Spain Takes Off Masks As New Rules Come In

The Spanish governments royal decree ending the obligatory use of face masks in public came into force on Saturday 26th June.

However some confusion still remains over the situations when a face mask is required and sanctions including hefty fines can still be issues for non-compliance with the new health protocols.

Regardless of in or outdoor it is mandatory to carry a face mask at all times so that it can be put on in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained.

A minimum social distancing of 1.5 metres from other people is set before a face mask must be worn, so for example in social groups or at public events.

The government has this week given the green light for sporting and public events to return without the need for social distancing – in which case face masks must be worn.

Where 1.5 metre social distancing is in place with restrictions on capacity such as in Madrid´s Las Ventas bullring which this week as seen a ful programme of corridas then masks may be removed once seated.

Masks are still mandatory in all public enclosed spaces, such as supermarkets, museums, cinemas, theatres and indoor bar and restaurant areas.

They may be removed for eating and drinking.

Masks are obligatory on all public transport including buses, metro and overland trains.

Airports are considered enclosed public spaces and face must be kept on at all times including onboard the aircraft.

Rules on ferries have changed so that passengers are no longer required to wear masks on deck ( assuming 1.5 metre social distancing possible) and in their cabins.

When at the beach masks need not be worn when the 1.5 metre distance can be maintained and does not apply to members the same household. If you are meeting friends from different households then masks must be worn.

Masks need not be worn when exercising alone including swimming at the beach as well as going in and out of the sea.

The enforcement of the face masks rules are in the hands of the country´s 17 autonomous regions and fines can be issued for non-compliance.