Tenerife Judge Issues International Arrest Warrant For Gimeno

A Tenerife judge has issued an international arrest warrant for the immediate detention of Tomás Gimeno, the father who is believed to have abducted and murdered his two daughters.

The body of his eldest daughter, Olivia, aged 6, was discovered on June 10th on the sea bed – weighed down by the anchor of Gimeno´s missing boat, off the coast of Tenerife.

The 37 year old Gimeno was last seen on April 27th, when he abducted the girls.

The magistrate of the Court of First Instance and Preliminary Investigation in Tenerife cancelled the original international warrant that had been in place for the arrest of Tomás Gimeno, for the abduction of his daughters Anna and Olivia, and replaced it with another international warrant, this time for murder.

The magistrate also handed the jurisdiction of the case to the Court of Violence against Women in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the islands capital, and where Ana and Olivia’s mother, Beatriz Zimmermann, lives.

The oceanographic vessel ‘Ángeles Alvariño’, which has been at the lead of the maritime search and found the body of Olivia has now resumed the search for Anna and possibly of Tomas.

The Tenerife judge said that Gimeno´s actions were designed to cause maximum pain to his former partner and mother of the two girls, by leaving her with uncertainly as to the whereabouts or fate of her daughters.

In a telephone call between them he is reportedly to have said that she would never see the girls again, but that he would look after them.

The investigation continues.