Careless Driver Kocked Out Cold By Angry Pedestrian

This is the moment a careless driver almost runs over a couple and their baby, as he gets out of the car to apologise to the pair the dad walks over to him and knocks him clean out sending him collapsing onto the pavement.

The father, 32, who was not named, was arrested shortly after punching the driver and kicking his car in the Picasent municipality in Spain’s southern autonomous community of Valencia on 7th June.

In the footage, the couple, who were not identified, are crossing the street pushing their baby in a pram.

A silver people carrier comes round the corner and barely misses the couple as it drives over the crossing.

The driver notices his mistake and gets out of the car and clasps his hands together as he apologises to the couple.

However, the 32-year-old dad is not interested in the man’s apologises and after kicking the man’s car several times he approaches him and knocks him out with a punch to the head.

Several passers-by rush over after witnessing the driver falling to the ground and cracking his head on the pavement.

Police said in a statement that the victim was treated for his injuries at a local Health Center and later at the General Hospital of Valencia although his current health status is unknown.

Local news site 20 Minutos reports that the suspect and his partner fled the scene of the incident before the police arrived.

The authorities caught up with the suspect shortly after and arrested him for the injuries caused to the driver and the damage to the car which amounted to EUR 605.

The suspect is being held in detention whilst he waits to be seen by a judge at the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 2 of Picassent.