Authorities Still Unable To Find Trace Of Missing Anna & Olivia

The Spanish Civil Guard have started a ‘psychological autopsy’ of Tomás Gimeno, the father of the two girls from Tenerife who are still missing after more than 40 days.

Despite searching the island and surrounding sea, the authorities have been unable to locate Anna and Olivia, aged 1 and 6, who disappeared with their father without trace on April 27th.

Tomas Antonio Gimeno, 37, a father who disappeared and is suspected of kidnapping his two daughters, Anna and Olivia on 27th April, in Tenerife, Spain. (Newsflash)

The father had gone to collect the children from his ex-partner that day.

The last time they were seen was loading suitcases and bags of clothes on to a boat in the Santa Cruz Marina.

His abandoned boat was discovered shortly after with few clues as to what happened to the occupants.

The Ángeles Alvariño oceanographic search ship is continuing its seabed search of the Tenerife coast which has not produced any leads.

The ship has also searched the  underwater cliffs and rocky seabed, and focusing on an area that has been calculated according to the likely route the boat made, before being found, the range of the boat when fuelled, as well as the phone activity before he disappeared.

The investigation continues.