Three Youths Arrested At Mass Brawl At Open Air Pool

Five police officers have been injured and three teenagers arrested after a mass brawl broke out in a Madrid municipal open air pool at around 7pm on Saturday 29th May.

Madrid Municipal police were called to the complex in the Madrid district of Moratalaz after the  security guards at the Centro Deportivo Municipal reported that a large group of about 50 youths had been smoking hash and engaged in anti-social and unruly behaviour as well as not obeserving the Covid-19 health protocols.

Security guards reported that the group refused to wear masks and continued drinking alcohol around the pool despite being ordered to stop.

Several Municipal Police patrol vehicles responded to the call and officers reportedly approached the group and asked them to stop what they were doing or  leave the facility, at which point a massive brawl broke out, resulting in the three arrests.

It is reported that during the brawl, one of the youths attacked a police officer and the situation became ‘complicated’, with further reinforcements arriving from various districts of the city.

In total some 12 municipal and national police vehicles were in attendance.

The three youths are presently in police custody awaiting trial.