Police Seize Over 17,000 Counterfeit Products in Girona

The Spanish National Police have carried out raids in the resort town of Lloret de Mar, as part of an operation into a counterfeiting ring that resulted in the seizure of 17,400 suspected fake products.

According to the police press statement, the investigations began after complaints were received from commercial establishments in the town about a criminal gang allegedly selling fraudulent products.

An operation was mounted in conjunction with the Spanish tax agency, which resulted in the inspection of 16 establishments in Lloret de Mar area.
The police investigation led to the arrest of 16 suspects charged with the selling and distribution of counterfeit products as well as the seizure of the items which have an estimated sale value of €850,000.

The investigation revealed that many high value items such as leather goods were found in separate unassembled pieces, so that when the customer made the purchase it would then be assembled and which allowed the establishment to mask the illegal activity.

Other products that were confiscated including toys, were found to be made up of small parts that “could be dangerous for use by children”.

AdvertisementThe suspects remain in police custody awaiting trial.