14-Year-Old Athletico Fan Killed In Underground Car Park Accident

Athletico Madrid’s Liga victory was marred yesterday with the accidental death of a 14-year-old boy in central Madrid.

The teenager was killed when the van in which he was travelling entered an underground car park at speed, and the boy, who put his head out of the window, which he hit immediately on the side wall entrance –  killing him instantly.

They entered the underground car park in Plaza Santa at around 9pm on Saturday 22nd May. The vehicle was being driven “somewhat fast” for the 20kph zone even knocked down “up to seven construction fences” before entering the parking area.
The teenagers were in high spirits, chanting Athletico songs and waving to passers by following their teams 2-1 victory over Vallalodid which gave them their first Liga title since 2014.

Madrid´s SAMUR Emergency services arrived at the accident scene quickly but the boy was declared dead within an hour despite attempts by the doctors to resuscitate him.

A team of SAMUR psychologists attended to the boys family and the Madrid Municipal Police are investigating the accident.


The red and white, “rojiblanco” falg of Athletico Madrid was draped over the car park entrance and floweres have since been laid at the scene of the tragedy.