Briton Dies In Diving Accident By Ibiza Beauty Spot

The dead body of a British man has been dragged out of the shallows off the coast of Ibiza by Spanish emergency services after he drowned while taking underwater photographs.

The 35-year-old man who has been identified only as ‘Kevin S.’ was dragged from the water near the picturesque Punta Galera area in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portomany on the island of Ibiza in the Spanish Balearic Islands at approximately 18.15 pm on 28th April.

Local news outlet Noudiari reports that the 35-year-old Brit accompanied by an unnamed friend was spending the day snapping underwater pictures in the waters near the jagged cliff edges of Punta Galera.

The waters near Punta Galera are reportedly extremely rocky with lots of submerged nooks and crannies.

For reasons that are not yet clear, Kevin was overwhelmed by the sea which led to his friend calling emergency services.

Seven police patrol cars, an ambulance and a mobile ICU arrived at the scene and dragged the young man from the water.

The 35-year-old was reportedly unconscious when the medics got to him and despite performing CPR they were not able to resuscitate him.

It is not clear if the man was visiting the island or if it is his permanent residence.

The national police have announced that an investigation has been opened into the incident and an autopsy has now been performed before the repatriation of the man´s body.