Man Rescues 80-Year-Old Woman From Balcony Fall

This is the moment a man climbs up a two-storey building to save an 80-year-old woman who is believed to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease after noticing that she was stuck on the ledge of her balcony and was about to fall.

The 24-year-old man in the video, Camilo Medina, scaled the building and saved the woman, who has not been named, in the municipality of Calahorra in the northern Spanish La Rioja region on Monday (3rd May).

Camilo, a psychology student, was passing by the building which is located near his dad’s bar when he noticed the woman with half her body over the side of the balcony screaming in distress.

Camilo told local news outlet Diario La Rioja that: “I was in the store with my mother when my father came in saying that a lady was about to fall out of the window,”

Camilo used the ladder to make his way onto the first balcony and from there he carefully but quickly makes his way to the other side of the balcony.

As seen in the footage he then grabs onto the second-floor balcony ledge and pulls himself up

He then makes his way over to the woman lifts her off the ledge and takes her inside.

The police arrived shortly after but they could not enter the flat as it was locked from the outside and Camilo couldn’t find the keys.

Police contacted the woman’s son-in-law who came and let them into the flat after which she was transferred to a local hospital for a check-up.

No further information was given regarding the health of the woman.