Huge Bull Airlifted To Safety After It Fell Off Cliff Onto Beach In Asturias

A huge one tonne bull has had to be airlifted off a Northern Spanish beach where it had spent over 24 hours wandering about after falling off the cliff.

The animal miraculously survived the fall and was rescued by local firefighters using one helicopter to lift the animal and another to drop vets onto the isolated beach to sedate the powerful animal before the rescue.

The owner of the bull that goes by the name ‘Bolero’ is a farmer called Angel Ramon Alvarez, who alerted fire services that the animal weighing an estimated one ton had fallen from a cliff near his field onto Carnera beach in the Gozon municipality located in the Northern Spanish region of Asturias at around 4.00 pm this Tuesday (27th April).

A rescue operation was launched the same day but failed due to Bolero’s immense weight.

However, around 1.00 pm yesterday (28th April) the local fire carried out a second rescue attempt with a more powerful chopper and successfully lifted the animal to safety.

In the footage, the helicopter can be seen approaching the beach adjacent to the rocky cliff edge before dropping down a winch that is attached to the animal’s harness.

Bolero had been sedated before the operation by a team of vets who were dropped onto the beach by a separate helicopter.

The chopper then begins to very slowly gain altitude pulling the huge animal into the air and then flying off into the distance with the bull dangling by a cable just below the helicopter.

Alvarez told Spanish TV broadcaster¬† Telecinco that the animal must have gone too close to the cliff edge and slipped. He described Bolero as very “calm” and “well mannered”.

It is not yet clear if the animal has suffered any injuries during the fall.