Police Arrest Moroccan Man Accused Of Murdering His Family

The Spanish National Police have arrested a man on an International Detention Order, issued by the Moroccan authorities for the suspected murder of 6 members of his family.

The murders are alleged to have been committed in the town of Sale, near Rabat in Morocco.

According to the police statement released yesterday, Monday 26th April, the murders took place in February of this year over a family inheritance dispute.
The victims were his brother, his sister-in-law, their children, and some other children of the same family – all had been stabbed with a knife when they were asleep in the family house.
After murdering the victims, the suspect set fire to the house using flamable liquid.

The Spanish authorities were alerted to the manĀ“s arrival in Spain and mounted a surveillance operation which tracked him to an address in Castellon, in the autonomous community of Valencia.

According to the police statement, the man was then arrested on Friday 23rd April, as he was leaving his residence and heading towards his vehicle.

The suspect is presently in police custody, awaiting a formal extradition hearing for his return to Morocco to face trial.