Final Work To Complete Sagrada Familia Starts

More than a 135 years after the first stone was laid, the final phase of the construction of the Sagrada Familia basilica has begun.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic buildings on earth is set for it final completion with the construction of the Mare de Déu Tower.

Construction started yesterday, April 20th, and entails erecting the main shaft, or pinnacle of the structure and which is due for completion by December this year, rising to a height of 127m (416ft).

The shaft, formed in a hyperboloid shape, starting off with six legs, and ending with three points, or support arms of the luminous star which will sit on top of it eventually, is the intermediate piece of the tower and will add another 11m (36ft) to the existing structure.


The wooden formwork is now being put in place, and will then be followed by the shaft, which is the longest piece at 10.8m (35ft) tall, will be lifted into position, concreted in place, and covered with the brittle, before the addition of the prefabricated piece of the upper third and in December, the tower, with the star, will be completed.

The shaft which terminates in the three points, will have its entire surface covered with ‘trencadís’, which is a Gaudinian technique for cladding structures that consists of the creation of a mosaic, generally abstract, through irregular pieces of ceramic, glass or marble with blue and white colour tones.

Sitting atop of the structure will be a giant star which will be 6m (20ft) high, with a diameter of 7.5m (25ft) and made of  stone.