12 Year Old Girl Rescued After Mother ” Sold” Her To Pay Debt

The Spanish National Police have rescued a 12 year old girl, who had been ‘sold’ by her family to pay off a €4,000 debt.

The young girl was being held at a property in La Coruña, in Galicia after being handed over by her family to clear a debt, from her Andalucian home in Cordoba.

Seven people, including the child´s mother, have been arrested in both cities on the charges of human trafficking, illegal detention and continued sexual abuse.

The police investigation began last March, when the police in Cordoba were tipped off about a forced marriage of a minor under 12 as payment of a debt of €4,000 owed by her family to “another clan”.

The police statement ,stated that the young girl was “being forced to have sexual relations” and marry a member of the “clan” having been sent to live with them in La Coruna.

“After questioning the mother of the minor, and the appropriate checks at the school where she was enrolled, an investigation was opened to locate the child,” said the police.

Their inquiries led detectives to La Coruña, “where the family members who had allegedly bought the minor were identified”.

A surveillance operation was put in place, and subsequently, an entry and search was carried out at the property where the young girl was believed to be being held.

Thankfully, police found the 12-year-old and she was released, while three people were arrested.

Four other people were detained in Cordoba, including the child’s mother and partner.

The seven detainees have been remanded in police custody pending their trial hearing.