La Señora Drug Queen On America´s Most Wanted Captured

The Spanish National Police have arrested a notorious Latin American drug smuggler known as La Señora after a tip off from the FBI which had resulted in the earlier arrest of her husband at Barcelona´s El Prat airport.

As the Spanish border police informed the US authorities that the husband had been detained they were alerted to the wife as being the suspected true head of a narcotics smuggling operation in the Carribean.

It transpires that the wife was Carmen Mireya Alarcón Rivera, 47, an Ecuadorian national from the capital, Quito, had a previous international arrest warrant (OID) issued by the Southern District of California (USA) in her name as well – which had not been communicated to the Spanish authorities.

On detaining the husband, the startled US authorities are reported to have asked: “Did you arrest the wife as well?”

Two days later, Spanish National Police officers located her living in a flat in the Barcelona district of Vilapiscina.

Rivera, was detained yesterday,14th April on charges of “being part of a transnational criminal organization that intended to introduce 3,400 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia  by sea, through the Ecuador-Mexico route.

It transpires Rivera had obtained Spanish nationality in her host country, where she has been living since 2001 and where she has also raised her two children,

The US authorities believe her Spanish limited company Ecuador Negocios SL, which was set up in 2012, was used as a front to “coordinate the resupply of both fuel and other supplies, to ships loaded with drugs.”

They added:” The ships sailed without a flag disguised as fishing boats, with at least one vessel being owned directly by the suspect”

According to authorities, Spanish nationality is highly coveted among drug traffickers in South America as it makes crossing Europe’s borders extremely easily.

La Señora is accused of being the cocaine networks leader, coordinating the shipment of cocaine from Colombia via sea routes in Ecuador and Mexico to the United States.

Rivera is currently being held in preliminary detention whilst authorities complete extradition proceedings after which she is expected to be sent to the United States for trial.