Safe Cracking Gang Arrested By Police

The Spanish National Police have dismantled a safe breaking gang that specialised in robbing company offices and arrested four suspects.

The gang operated in the provincial cities of Salamanca, Leon and Zamora in the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon but were based in the Madrid region.
The authorities raided properties in Madrid and Torrejón de Ardoz, which resulted in the detention of the suspects and who were charged with five robberies in the region as well as belonging to a criminal organisation.
The police investigations began in October, last year, after an office in Salamanca was broken into and robbed, with the gang  getting away with €150,000 in cash from a safe that they had cut open using an oxy-acetylene torch.
According to the police, none of the suspects had any prior criminal convictions but had left behind a trail that led the authorities to addresses in Madrid.

Further investigation revealed that the suspects were linked to known criminals who had long specialised in this type of robbery and method.

Police believed that the suspects were used as proxies by the more hardened criminals and who had been given the necessary training to pull off the robberies.

In addition the investigation uncovered the suspects high-end lifestyle, with top of the range vehicles, designer clothing, large houses and enjoyed expesive holiday – without any justifiable means to pay for any of it.

According to the police statement, the gang are also believed to have been behind four other robberies with the same modus operandi, including one in Zamora where €42,000 Euroswas stolen.
The suspects are presenty in custody awaiting trial.