Family Saling Boat Crashes Into Oligarch’s Mega Yacht

This is the moment a small family sailing boat crashes into the side of a Russian oligarch’s mega yacht that is valued at GBP-384-million and boasts a helipad and three swimming pools.

The incident occurred in the Vigo Ria estuary located in the north-western Spanish province of Galicia last Sunday (28th March).

Local news outlets have provided mixed reports on who was on board the small white boat but out of the four people seen in the footage two appear to be children.

In the footage uploaded to social media, the small sailing boat can be seen struggling to move away from the enormous 143-metre (469-foot) ship.

The small boat, which according to local media is 6-7 metres (19.6-22.9 feet) long, spent several minutes scraping along the side of the mega yacht.

Finally, one of the children on board successfully push against the giant yacht giving their little boat enough momentum to drift to safety.

The enormous boat seen in the footage is Yacht ‘A’, one of the world’s largest sailing boats, boasting a length of 143 metres (469 feet) with luxury facilities such as an onboard nightclub, three swimming pools and an underwater observation pod.

It is currently anchored in Vigo where it waiting to be repaired and tuned after having arrived from the Navantia shipyard in Cartagena, in Murcia, in southern Spain.

Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, 48, who has an estimated worth of USD 15.8 billion (GBP 11.51 billion), is the owner of the mega-yacht, according to local media.

The local news outlet La Voz De Galicia reports that the Oligarch did not see the funny side of the incident.

According to La Voz, the captain of yacht ‘A’ intends to file a report to the Maritime Captaincy of Vigo because the collision has resulted in a scratch measuring several meters along the mega yacht’s side.

Yacht ‘A’ drew a lot of attention from locals and local media estimated that 50 small boats were floating nearby trying to get a closer look at the spectacular vessel.