Two Germans Arrested In Illegal Marbella House Party DJ Death

Two German nationals wanted in connection with the shooting of a Spanish DJ on Spain’s Costa del Sol have been arrested as they tried to leave the country.

Police said both suspects were seized as they were reportedly planning on fleeing the country.

Jose Maria Ares, who was better known by his stage name ‘DJ JM Ares’, was shot in the neck and killed during an illegal house party in the city of Marbella in the southern province of Malaga onĀ  Sunday 28th March.

In a statetment released by the Spanish authorities, the police announced that they had detained a 30-year-old German national suspected of firing the shot that killed Jose alongside a second German national, 28, who they believe helped cover up the crime yesterday (30th March).

According to the Spanish news outlet Antena3, Jose was working at the luxury chalet during the illegal house party that broke COVID-19 restrictions.

At some point during the party, a shooting occurred and the DJ was hit in the neck and killed.

ABCSevilla reports that cops did not react immediately because everybody fled without raising the alarm, and as a result, they were not tipped off about what happened until the early hours of Monday morning.

Police arrived only later at the house which had been rented for the weekend, finding the DJ’s dead body in a bedroom with the rest of the house completely empty.

Police called emergency services who confirmed that Jose had died as a result of the gunshot.

The 30-year-old German national has been arrested not only for the shooting but also on charges of possessing illegal arms and a failure to carry out his civic duty when instead of calling an ambulance to help the victim, he fled the scene.

The 28-year-old German national is facing charges of attempting to cover-up the crime although no further details of what he is supposed to have done were revealed.

The investigation is continuing and authorities have not ruled out the possibility of further arrests.