Spanish Police Swoop On Jihadist Terrorist Funding Ring

The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) supported by Europol, arrested three individuals in Madrid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife for their suspected involvement in the facilitation of terrorist financing.

The suspects are believed to have set up an NGO (non-governmental organisation) to provide humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans as a cover for channelling funds to terrorist groups including the financing of activities by Al-Qaeda affiliated militant groups.

The network diverted funds raised in good faith by religious associations, under the cover of using them as humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans. In addition to financing the activities of terrorist fighters, part of the funds were used to cover the costs of a school for orphaned children, which was itself a training school for future terrorist fighters.

The school focused on radicalising, providing combat training and encouraging orphans to continue the terrorist activities of their parents killed in combat.

As part of the operational action, officers carried out four searches and seized cash, valuables, documents and technical devices which are being analysed by investigators.

The suspects are in police custody awaiting trial.