Rocking Back To Normal As 5000 Fans Enjoy Concert

Barcelona played host to Spanish rock band Love Of Lesbian, who played in front of 5,000 fans at the Palau Sant Jordi stadium over the weekend.

The fans had been especially screened for Covid-19, of whom 6 people were found to be infectious and required to self-isolate.

The format of the concert was organised by Festivals per la Culture Segura and health authorities in order to study the efficacy of antigen tests to allow trial testing of the effectiveness of screening for public events.

Ticket-holders had to under go testing at three local venues and were only permitted to enter the stadium once their negative result code had been sent to their phones. Temperatures and IDs were then checked at the entrance.

A similar trial took place in the Netherlands where 5,000 football fans were able to watch Holland play in their World Cup qualifier match.

Both trials allowed for non-social distancing but with fans wearing face masks.

The lead singer of the group, Santi Balmes, told the crowd “welcome to one of the most exciting concerts of our lives! It’s been a year and half since we last set foot on a scenario as a band.”

Vulnerable people with underlying health conditions such as heart disease and cancer were excluded from purchasing tickets.

The concert was a sell out and the band will be continuing with further concerts across the country including in Madrid in May.