Castillon Village Offers Home & Job For Teacher With Children To Run Local School

A house and a guaranteed job is being offered to a family if they decide to move to a small Spanish town.

Picture shows the municipality La Torre d’en Domenec, in Castellon, Spain, where the town officials decided to post the tempting ad in hopes of incentivising people with young kids to move there. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

The ad was placed for the municipality of La Torre d’en Domenec in the province of Castellon in the Spanish autonomous community of Valencia on 10th March.

The town reportedly only has around 160 people registered living there and had to shut their school eight years ago because they did not have enough students.

Town officials want to reopen it, and decided to post the ad in hopes of incentivising people with young kids to move there.

According to the Spanish daily newspaper ABC, there are three schoolchildren currently living in the town and if three more moved there, they could open their school for all of them.

The local pub would also be able to open its doors again as it has been closed since January of this year (2021) due to lockdown restrictions.

Local media said another selling point for the town is that it is one of the few locations in the Valencia region which does not have any cases of COVID-19 and has only registered one case and no deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Anybody interested in signing up for the job offer can write an email to ‘’.