Police Seize Home Made Narco Submarine

The Spanish police have seized a homemade submarine capable of transporting up to two tons of drugs.

The Interpol led international operation resulted in the discovery of a nine-metre sub in a warehouse in the Andalucian city of Málaga.

In addition police have arrested 52 people across Spain including Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia, Murcia, Cádiz and Granada along with 400 kilos of cocaine,  700 kilos of hash and 100, 000 Euros in cash.

The authorities also dismantled a sophisticated drugs lab which was able to produce up to 750 kilos of artificial cocaine.

In a police statement released yesterday 12th March, police valued the vessel at 300,000 Euros and believe it was being made ready for a smuggling operation.

In 2019, two smugglers were arrested when their submarine loaded with more than 2,000 kilos of cocaine ran aground off the Galician coast.

The narco routes across the straits of Gibraltar have been targeted by the Spanish authorities in recent years and which has hit the smuggling gangs that dominate the trade hard.

Police believe that the narco-sub would allow for wider range for operational use including crossing directly to south and central America.