Labrador Has Life Saving Surgery After Eating Dog Trap Needles

A lucky labrador has undergone life-saving surgery after she ate a piece of meat that had 100 pins and needles hidden inside before being put on the ground in a dog park.

The incident happened in the city of Ourense in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia on Sunday 7th March but was first reported yesterday (10 March).

The bait with the pins that Bella ate at a dog park, in the city of Ourense in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia. (@ritafernandezvillanueva.kita/Newsflash)

The eight-year-old labrador named Bela had to be checked in for emergency surgery after she greedily scoffed the piece of meat that had around 100 pins and needles inside it.

Her owner Rita noticed the canine vomited pins after they returned from a dog park.

She rushed her dog to the veterinarian’s office where an X-Ray revealed the large collection of potentially deadly puncturing objects.

A vet told the local press if they had been left much longer, they could have caused a cut in Bela’s intestine leading to an infection that could have killed her in three days.

Fortunately, the dog’s owner became aware of what had happened with enough time to ensure the canine was successfully operated on before suffering any permanent or deadly injuries as she is now healing from the surgery at home.

Rita wrote a message on her social media saying people should report any suspects who are seen leaving objects which are intentionally made to trick animals into eating them to cause them harm and potentially death.

She added the objects are not just dangerous for animals but can also harm children in the area reminding people to remain vigilant.

Local media said cases of deadly baits being left all over the city for unsuspecting pets have increased in the past weeks but it is unclear why.

There were no reports of the authorities starting an investigation.