Paralysed Girl Overcomes Disease To Become Martial Arts Instructor

This heartwarming video montage shows the incredible journey of a young Venezuelan woman paralysed by a rare illness who refused to accept her fate – and through true grit and determination fought her way back to full health to become a sports fitness instructor.

Katrina Parra was paralysed from the neck down when she was struck down by a rare disease called porphyria, which affects the joints, when she was 21.

The gorgeous fitness instructor, who lives in the Spanish city of Barcelona, said that she was unable to eat and move as footage showing her with wasted muscles and in a wheelchair show, but through determination to change her fate she slowly improved day by day together with therapy and the help of dedicated specialists.

In the video footage, the paralysed woman is seen learning to walk and carry out basic movements again before eventually becoming the toned fitness instructor in a room full of eager students that she is today.


She said: “Through hard work and a lot of effort, I was able to achieve one of my ultimate goals – to become a Fit Combat instructor.”

To become a Fit Combat instructor, a sport that combines gymnastics and martial arts, Parra never gave up on her therapy and persevered until she regained full use of her body.

She said: “Life has shown me that enjoying the little things and not taking anything for granted are key in appreciating life to its fullest.”

As Katrina says: “Never give up!”