Drug King ” El Castaña” Makes Bail With Crowdfunding Campaign

A Spanish drug lord whose high-profile and glamorous lifestyle which included an appearance in a reggaeton music video has now been released from jail after he posted the €200,000 bail set by the court – through crowdfunding.

Francisсo Tejon, known as “El Castaña”, (chestnut) was released from prison as Spanish autorities confirmed that his crowdfunding through friends and family had been successful and reached its goal in only three days.

Tejon has been in custody in Botafuegos prison since October 2018 on drug-trafficking charges in the area of Algeciras, Cadiz and the Campo de Gibraltar.

The bail had originally been set at €600,000 which was later halved then reduced again to the €200,000 amount.

Spanish prosecutors had objected to the lower bail amounts suspecting that he has amassed a fortune of  €30 million in drugs money that they are attempting to identify and confiscate.

When he was originally arrested in 2018 he paid a €120,000 bond by a bank transfer from Ireland which led prosecutors to believe that his money-laundering operation was highly developed and international by nature.

Prosecutors allege that  El Castaña and his younger brother Antonio lead a gang importing hash and other drugs on fast “narco boats” from the Morocco to Andalucia where they are offloaded on beaches – often in full site of passersby and sunbathers.