Rare Disease Day Highlights Nurse´s Condition Who Cannot Swim In The Sea

This young woman’s life changed after being diagnosed with a rare heart disease that not only has no cure but also requires her to wear a medical device 24-hours a day which cannot get wet – meaning she is no longer able to go for a dip in the sea.

Irene Lopez, a 25-year old nurse from the city of Barcelona, Northeastern Spain, had her life turned upside down four months ago when she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

The chronic disease results in increased blood pressure, swelling of the legs and shortness of breath along with several other symptoms.

Irene is now constantly connected to a small device that monitors her heart and releases medicine when needed.

Irene spoke to the Spanish News site Niusidaro about her condition.

Picture shows Irene Lopez, a 25-year old nurse from the city of Barcelona, Northeastern Spain who has a rare heart condition that prevents her from swimming in the sea. (@iirreennee27/Newsflash)

She said: “The device has to be connected to my heart 24 hours a day, the half-life of the medication in the body is very short and the effects that disconnecting the device could have are grave.”

The device has come between Irene and one of her passions: Swimming in the sea.

She said: “The doctors told me that I would not be able to swim again but I’m extremely stubborn and will not give up until I find a solution.”

The young nurse has decided not to let the device take her love for swimming away from her and has appealed for help from the public via social media.

In a video she posted on Tiktok she appealed to the public to help her find a solution.

She explained her motivation behind the video, saying: “For me, the ocean is a part of my life, its freedom and happiness and I cannot conceive a life where this is taken away from me by a disease so I have resorted to recording this video and even though it makes me feel very embarrassed the desire to get back into the water makes it worthwhile.”

She added: ” I want to go swimming this summer but I need help but I don’t know who to ask”.

She is hoping that someone will present her with a solution that would make the device waterproof allowing her to return to the water.

Irene is yet to find a solution to her problem but she thanked Netizens for their support and said that the moment she finds a solution she will share the good news with everyone.