Police Detonate Explosive On Costa Del Sol Beach

Spanish authorities have detonated an explosive device on a Costa del Sol beach after a British resident came across it while out for a stroll.

The device was destroyed in a controlled detonation by specialists from the Tedax-NRBQ unit of the National Police in the town of Benalmadena on the Spanish Costa del Sol yesterday (March 4).

The cylindrical-shaped device, which measured 80 centimetres (31.5 inches) in length, was detonated exactly where it was found after a safety parameter was installed around the blast zone.

In a statement released by local police, the authorities confirmed that the device was detonated safely.

The unnamed Briton discovered the device at around 2.30pm this Wednesday (3 March) during his walk along Torrevigia Beach.

The Intelligence Centre for Command, Communication and Control (CIMACC) checked the device and found that it had a warning label stating that it must be handed over to the National Police if found.

The Tedax team on the scene destroyed the device with a controlled detonation, as seen in the footage.

The authorities confirmed that the device was a pyrotechnic used in search operations involving people lost at sea.

In these situations, even if the device appears old and damaged, do not approach it as it could still pose a threat, advised the authorities.

No one was harmed in the detonation of the device.