Madrid Police Raid Teacher Home Over Online Schoolgirl Abuse

Spanish National Police have arrested a 51 year old teacher from a Madrid school accused of online grooming and sexual abuse.

According to the police statement released yesterday 3rd March, the teacher allegedly offered gifts in exchange for sexual images of teenage pupils under the age of 16.

The images, which were all pornographic were sent through chats and online forums that the teacher set up with the pupils.

He then proposed to his victims that they meet for sexual encounters, according to National Police.

The alarm was raised when the school´s director flagged up the issue to the local educational authorities, suspecting the teacher of  ‘inappropriate behaviour”, though the extend of the alleged activities was not then known.

The educational authorities contacted the National Police who then opened an investigation, and after an in-depth inquiry, arrested the teacher, who has since been sacked by the school.

The 51-year-old suspect used his status as a teacher to “select” the pupils he knew at school to establish contact with them on the internet.

Once he established contact with his victims, the conversations were guided towards sex.

One victim claimed that she was sent a video of the teacher showing himself in an aroused state and proposing that they have sex at his house.

He also reportedly offered and gave gifts to his victims in exchange for images for “his own sexual gratification”.

According to the police statement, the suspect always acted with the same modus operandi: “he took advantage of the age superiority relationship, as well as his status as a teacher and contacted the students he taught through social networks”.

The suspect remains in police custody pending his trial.