Wild Boar Rescued From Drowning In Valencia Port

This is the moment the authorities struggle to rescue a wild boar from drowning at a major Spanish port after it wandered into the city.

The strange footage was filmed in the Port of Valencia in the city of Valencia located in the Spanish autonomous community with the same name on Monday 1st March.

The video shows several people aboard a rubber dinghy trying to get control of the wild boar with the use of rope and fishnets.

One man is seen using a rope to ensure its nose remains above water as the group move closer to a Spanish Civil Guard vessel.

The wild boar manages to escape from the rescuers before it is seen swimming across the port as the rubber dinghy follows it and a person watching can be heard saying “Oh poor thing, poor little guy”.

The video cuts to show agents from the Spanish Civil Guard finally on firm ground after rescuing the wild animal which can be seen at the foot of some stairs.

The rescuers try to pull it up with the use of rope but it refuses to go up apparently frightened by the large group of people as the video ends.

Local media said the animal presented severe signs of fatigue as it was first seen at around 10 am but the rescue was not finalised until between one and two pm as the Spanish Civil Guard did not receive the call until over two hours after the first sighting but is unclear why.

A group of sailors in the port helped ensure the wild boar’s safety by fastening it to some rope while they waited for the authorities to arrive and assist in the rescue.

It is unclear how the wild boar ended up in the Port of Valencia but it is believed to have accidentally fallen in while it was roaming the streets after wandering into Valencia.

The sighting of wild animals in the Spanish city has become much more commonplace since the lockdowns in Spain have led animals to unwittingly wander into the city.