Nazi Supporter Sparks Outrage With Displayed Swastika During Interview

A young female Nazi supporter  has caused outrage after appearing on a YouTube interview with a Swastika hanging behind her.

Isabel Peralta hit the headlines after giving a speech in Madrid on 13th February in honour of Blue Division, a Spanish unit of volunteers who fought alongside Nazi Germany on the Russian front during World War II.

In the speech, at  the Almudena Cemetery commemoration  Peralta said: “It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain and to fight for a Europe, now weak and liquidated by the enemy, an enemy that will always be the same, although with different masks: the Jew. Nothing is more accurate than this statement: the Jew is the culprit.”

Peralta once again garnered media attention after a video circulated of her during a zoom interview on the YouTube channel ‘State of Alarm TV’. The interview was to ask the question: “Do you regret attacking Jewish people?”

However, the call started with the young woman apparently displaying a Nazi flag behind her.

In the clip, one of the presenters says: “You have a Swastika behind you.”

Peralta, visibly panicked, replies: “Wait, don’t show this, I will change the angle.”

The woman then clicks off her camera, but the other man on the zoom call warns her it’s too late, saying: “But this is a live call.”

The video has subsequently been deleted.