Shocking Footage As Migrants Discovered Hiding In Toxic Waste & Broken Glass

New video footage released by the Spanish police in North Africa shows migrants hiding in lorries filled with recycled glass and giant sacks of toxic ash from waste incinerators in order to cross the border.

The Spanish Civil Guard said that in just a couple of hours at the port of Melilla, a Spanish autonomous enclave in northern Africa, a total of 41 men were found in different containers before boarding boats to the mainland on 19th February 2021.

They said that four of the men were found buried in glass bottles including some that were broken and destined to be recycled.

According to a police statement, another man was found inside a plastic sack containing toxic ash from waste incinerators in the city. Another man was also found in the same container but among the sacks.

According to a spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard, the incinerated ash is transported to the Spanish peninsula periodically.

The officer who rescued the man spotted his leg and was initially worried that the migrant had died.

The spokesman added that most of the new arrivals were from Morocco and Algeria.

So far this year, the Spanish Civil Guard has caught 1,781 people trying to reach the Spanish mainland from the port of Melilla compared to 11,669 for all of 2020.