Spanish Influencer Reveals Entire Family Of 11 Infected With COVID

A social media influencer and mother-of-nine has revealed that all 11 members of her family have been infected with COVID-19 despite their many precautions.

Spanish influencer Paloma Blanc, 41, broke the news to her army of 138,000 Instagram followers late last week.

She posted a picture with some of her children that was accompanied with a caption confirming that she, along with her nine children and husband, have all been infected with the novel coronavirus.

The family with masks. (@7paresdekatiuskas/Newsflash)

Blanc’s nightmare started when two of her kids started showing clear symptoms of COVID-19, but tested negative for the virus towards the end of January.

However, their symptoms persisted and more of her children began showing signs of the virus before all family members took a PCR test, including those who had initially tested negative.

On 7th February, Blanc posted a picture showing seven tests which came out positive next to four which came out negative.

The influencer left a caption which read: “The moment you find out all your children are infected puts a lot of pressure on you. But thank God we are all fine with mild symptoms, praying that things do not become more complicated.”

On 15th February, the 41-year-old mum said on social media that all 11 family members were infected with the novel coronavirus after posting the earlier picture that included negative results.

She added the family is “comforted” by the fact that the infections were not a result of reckless behaviour, explaining: “We spent Christmas alone and we have exercised extreme caution since then. But in the end, it was not enough.”

Spain has been one of the hardest-hit countries by the virus with Johns Hopkins University reporting 3,107,172 cases leading to 66,316 related deaths.