Police Helicopter Confronts Narco Boat Trying To Refuel

This is the moment stunned bystanders film a customs helicopter chasing away a narco boat from refuelling in southern Spain.

The incident took place at in La Duquesa port off the coastal town of Manilva in the southern Spanish province of Malaga in broad daylight on Sunday morning.

According to the newspaper Diario Sur, the speedboat approached the port where a van driver was waiting to hand over containers of fuel and other supplies.

However, a customs helicopter spotted the suspicious speed boat approaching the port and called for land back-up as it flew over to it.

Footage filmed by a bystander shows the aircraft flying low over the port above the boat as bystanders cheer it on.

The black speedboat, with three high-power outboard engines, quickly turns around and exits the port as the helicopter follows it.

According to the news station Antenna 3, the speedboat was unable to fill up thanks to the operation.

Police chased the van carrying the petrol, which smashed into a wall and the 16-year-old driver was caught while another suspect managed to escape.

According to Diario Sur, there is no evidence the boat was transporting drugs at the time and the authorities believe it was carrying out a logistical part of a bigger operation.

Local media said the speedboat escaped, but the operation was hailed a success as the helicopter managed to stop them from getting fuel and other necessary supplies such as food, which will enable them to stay at sea.