Spanish Authorities Save 50 Cats From “Deplorable” Conditions

In footage provided by the Spanish authorities, 50 cats can be seen crammed into a small dirty cage with no access to water or food.

The Spanish National Police in collaboration with the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) found the cats in the city of Arganda del Rey which is located in the Central Municipality of Madrid, Spain on February 12th.

In a press release obtained by NewsFlash the police stated that they were tipped off about the situation by a concerned neighbour who reached out to the authorities claiming that they had noticed a large group of cats being kept in poor condition.

The authorities followed up the discovery and successfully identified the owner of the building as a resident of the city of Madrid. The press release confirmed that the owner is a woman but did not name her.

Further investigations revealed that the woman had converted the building into an animal shelter, however, she had failed to acquire the documents legally required by the city council to open such an establishment.

SEPRONA confirmed in the press release that the conditions within the ‘animal shelter’ were in complete disarray. The animals were suffering from high levels of stress, had no access to clean water and were in very poor physical condition.