Man Charged For Abusing Women In Fake Interviews

Civil Guard officers have arrested a man in Gran Canaria  for sexually abusing women during fake job interviews.

The 22-year-old suspect posed as a marketing executive for a bodypainting company in Lanzarote looking for models for advertising campaigns.

The ongoing investigation has so far uncovered two victims, and more are expected.

The jobs advertised modelling assignment fees of up 3,200 for three photo sessions with a multinational cosmetics company.

The women who applied for the jobs were invited the women to the casting session in a hotel in the south of the island where the suspect conducted the interviews in bedrooms claiming that the hotel’s meeting rooms were  closed due to covid restrictions.

At the “interview” the victims were asked to model swimsuits to “test” the cosmetic products that he claimed he was marketing.

After one of the interrviews he recontacted one of the women again to arrange another modelling session but the victim had already reported the man to the Civil Guard who were able to uncover his true identity and arrest him.

The investigation  discovered that the suspect had a sophisticated plan to trick women into falling for the ruse, contacting a certain profile of young women who had ambitions to enter the fashion modelling world in order to get them alone with him in a hotel room, where he sexually abused them and recorded them.