Former Miss Spain Shares Cosmetic Ops Pictures

A former Miss Spain who later qualified as a doctor has shared a before-and-after picture showing how her face has changed after undergoing numerous aesthetic procedures.

Dr Carla Barber, 30, shared the snap with her army of 838,000 Instagram followers on 10th February.

One of the pictures, which is a side shot of the model in 2013 (left) and in 2021 (right), shows several major differences in Dr Barber’s face and skin.

She captioned the snap: “2013 v 2021: There will still be people who say I destroyed my face. I am very happy. Long live plastic surgery done right.”

Some netizens complimented the model on her beauty while others were worried it has been too much with ‘Ppositofulltime’ saying: “Yes now you are beautiful but you are 30. When do you stop? When is enough? How do you see yourself at 50?”

Instagram user ‘May_reyes11’ wrote: “You are right but you also have to know when to stop.”

Netizen ‘Victorialomba’ commented: “You are more beautiful every day.”

‘Marta_ferji’ wrote: “But you were in a beauty pageant already different, that is a scam no?”

However, the model replied to the comment saying: “I participated before any procedures were done but even then, it is allowed to have work done.”

The doctor previously spoke about some of her procedures saying: “In 2015: rhinoplasty. The side of my nose was okay, what I didn’t like was the front tip.

“2017: filled eye bags with hyaluronic acid and depigmentation with a vascular laser, depigmenting laser, face peels, ozone therapy, carboxytherapy. Basically, a bit of everything to improve the part of my face that made me most self-conscious and always gave me an exhausted or sick look.”

Dr Barber won Miss Universe Spain 2015 and Miss World Spain 2011 and represented Spain at Miss World 2011 and Miss Universe 2015 where she placed in the Top 15.

She is a doctor and opened her first cosmetic clinic in Madrid in 2011.