Spanish Local Police In Lanzarote Street Brawl

This is the shocking moment a policeman knocks a man out after his colleague slapped a mobile phone out of a woman’s hand while she filmed them arresting a friend in Lanzarote.

The incident took place in the municipality of Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote in the Spanish Canary Islands on 7th February.

The video shows the moment an officer stands up while a colleague holds a suspect down as two people stand nearby filming.

One of the officers suddenly walks towards the civilians before slapping the phone out of the unnamed woman’s hand and begins a struggle with a man with her.

The two continue their struggle when the woman steps in, but she falls after tripping over the man on the ground.

The officer then shoves the woman over as the second cop stands up and punches the unsuspecting man, knocking him out shortly before the video ends.

Local newspaper La Voz de Lanzarote said the incident happened after the officers found a group of five people, which included the three seen in the video, drinking on a terrace which was illegal due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The local COVID-19 protocol states locals can meet in groups of no larger than four people.

It led to an exchange in which the officers claimed they were disrespected, but managed to convince the people leave the establishment after informing them they would receive sanctions.

However, about 15 minutes later the officers saw a car being driven by one of the people with two passengers who were also with him at the time of the initial exchange.

The officers said they tried to stop the driver on suspicion of drink-driving, but the car sped off starting a pursuit which resulted in the images seen in the video.

The driver, who was being arrested in the footage, and his two passengers, who were involved in the physical altercation, were all detained following the incident.

The man who was left unconscious in the brawl was treated at a local hospital for cranial trauma before reportedly trying to leave the hospital on foot.

He was stopped by the police and taken into custody.

All three suspects have been provisionally released as the case is investigated.