Hitler Obsessed Gun Runners Arrested In Andalucia

Spanish authorities have dismantle a criminal group that supplied guns to drug-traffickers in Andalucia, which was led by a Briton and two Germans – one of whom had a ‘museum’ of Nazi objects.

The raids took place in the province of Malaga on December 29th, according to the press report released by the Spanish Civil Guard.

Authorities raided the homes of three men who have been arrested under charges of belonging to a criminal group, trafficking and storing arms, trafficking munitions, trafficking drugs and falsifying documents.

According to the police report, the Civil Guard started their operation dubbed ‘Nongreta’ sometime ‘last year’ after registering a growing number of violent crimes related to the stealing of drug merchandise and the subsequent score-settling between crime groups in Andalusia.

Investigators eventually focused their attention on a German man posing as a retiree living in Malaga, however, with help from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Germany, Spanish authorities were able to confirm he was wanted in Germany.

German police had a warrant for his arrest over an arsenal found in the city of Hannover.

Cops found the group had been operating for three years. They obtained military weapons from countries in Eastern Europe before the German suspect used machinery to tamper them before selling them to drug-trafficking groups.

The British suspect is the person to have brokered the deals with the drug trafficking groups which operated in the southern Spanish beaches.

Police found he went through extreme measures to avoid detection by using fake passports and hiding weapons inside luxury vehicles.

The other German suspect was in charge of storing the weapons. Police found he kept the guns stored in a warehouse he rented where they were kept packaged and ready for their distribution.

The suspect was also the owner of a sort of ‘museum’ containing Nazi paraphernalia which was found in his home and in the warehouse. He is reported to be a neo-Nazi affiliated with Nazi movements and extreme-right groups.

The suspects were placed under the custody of Information Headquarters from the Spanish Civil Guard, however, their current legal status is unclear.