Covid Couple Marry In ICU Minutes Before Being Intubated

A Spanish couple in their 50s has got married in the ICU of a hospital minutes before they were sedated and intubated due to COVID-19 complications.

The marriage took place at Hospital Virgen de la Cinta in the city of Tortosa in the province of Tarragona in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia on 29th January.

A couple aged 54 and 58 married minutes before they were put in a sedated state and intubated in the ICU after they contracted the novel coronavirus.

Patients who need to be hooked up to a ventilator are usually sedated as intubating them can cause serious physical discomfort.

According to the local newspaper Diario de Tarragona, the couple was admitted in the hospital the week before and expressed their desire to get married when they were moved to the ICU. (

The medical staff agreed to help them fulfil their dream and contacted a judge along with two other people to stand as witnesses.

Health workers were all well-protected with safety gear during the ceremony.

Local media said the couple is from the municipality of Deltebre in the province of Tarragona and had already made plans to marry, but were not able to organise the wedding until now.

Their current status is unclear.